No Lonesome “Strange How”

A story of loss and the subsequent heartache and mess told as witnessed by a folk artist. This song handles the topic with delicate care and puts it into somewhat of a memory sphere surrounded by delightful guitar playing.

Jeb Backe and their folk-country project No Lonesome released their debut single back in March. This Chicago-based artist is heavily influenced by all things folk, country, and bluegrass, and they love to combine the classic sounds with modern production, creating soft full-bodied sound full of those lovely down-to-earth vibes. Add to that their simple soulful lyrics and an incredibly sweet voice, and the result is one complete folk pleasure.

Today the project returns with their newest release – a second single called “Strange How“. Masterful guitar-playing takes on right away, giving that warm and earthy tone to the melancholic atmosphere, which gains extra sparkle from whistled melodies. Their soothing voice tells a story of a woman dealing with losing someone close to her and working through her days battling and sometimes succumbing to grief. The way this story is told from the eye of a third person feels like it’s the family’s pet or a close friend looking after her, unable to do much more. The chorus especially gets deep with the pondering rhetorical question: “Strange how the one you love hurts…”

“Strange How” is a bit like an otherwise sunny and cozy day – this guitar playing really feels like that; with threads of sadness and grief weaved through and through. Anyone who is familiar with grieving and just how badly losing someone can mess you up has likely felt how everything has just become sad and empty. This song offers a refreshing angle to this feeling and also gives the comfort of understanding, making it a perfect song for times you’re remembering your old friend down the rainbow road, or for those currently struck down with the pain of loss.

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