Abandon The Fall – “Exhale”

Super melodic and heavy is what this single is. Brilliantly produced and mixed, “Exhale” channels all of our human thoughts and emotions into a sonic experience. Listen right now to Abandon The Fall’s new single.

Welcome back, folks! Hope you’re having an amazing day, and if not, get ready, ’cause it’s about to go down! Today we bring to you a much-needed dose of heavy. As I said, super melodic, super catchy, super emotive, “Exhale” is a song that deserves to be on your playlists, so let’s get right to it!!

So, Abandon The Fall is the solo project of musician Juan Espinoza who, after a decade of producing several styles of music, has now decided to focus on his own. Influenced by loud bands like Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, and Korn, Abandon The Fall offers musical compositions of pure, raw energy, mixed with vibrant vocals and melodies.

The initial inception of Abandon the Fall (2018) had me filling in an extensive role. Not only was I producing all the music, but I was taking on writing and vocal duties as well. I ended up having vocal issues, which resulted in vocal fold surgery. This was all in 2020.” – ATF

Luckily, Espinoza took advantage of the time he now had while recovering from the surgery, in fact, he took it as a blessing. Focused completely on his production, Espinoza was blessed to be able to release two (4-track) Instrumental EP’s (Infinite Seasons and In Bloom) and land a full feature with one of his favorite bands: Dayshell, who also co-produced, co-wrote and mixed the track.

“Exhale”, starts with reversed guitars that quickly snap and give way to the drums, presenting also the main guitar arpeggio. Accompanied by ethereal vocals, the groove slowly makes its way leading towards a punchy bassline and crisp guitar riffs. The lyrics are deep and personal, the melodies simple but hypnotic, exploding as the chorus arrives.

Highly engaging and filled with emotion, this track captivates from the get-go, taking control of your head, creeping in like an infection. Soaring screams and angelic vocals converge to create an outstanding ambience. As we approach the bridge, slower-paced and more relaxed, a small guitar solo spawns as a little extra detail. Truly a great song.

“Abandon the Fall can be summed up as the human experience in sonic form. Whether it’s an Instrumental release or a feature, it all ties in together. The songs are vulnerable, honest, and open. The music comes from a place of total transparency.” – ATF

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