Allegra “If You Wanna Love Me”

Allegra‘s newest release, a dance-pop track that instantly makes life feel brighter, ‘If You Wanna Love Me’, is a joyful declaration of self-worth and independence. 

The United Kingdom-based Allegra is an artist with both a powerful message and tempo, as she’s risen and made a name for herself in the competitive and ever growing world of dance-pop since her debut in 2019. Breaking into the US Billboard Dance and UK Music Week Commercial Pop charts with her debut single, ‘All About Us,’, the teenage singer and performer rose to fame at an incredible speed, and since then she’s been dedicated to proving that she deserves her spot in the charts and people’s playlists, and that she’s capable of creating even better music. 

With now four singles and a multitude of remixes under her name, Allegra is an established entity and fan favorite of pop listeners around the world. Her music tends to contain words of empowerment, love, defiance, power, and reliability, making her lyrics and infectious beats some of her strongest points that make audiences unable to stop tuning in and humming her songs even when they aren’t listening. 

If You Wanna Love Me is her most recent release, coming out at the very end of October and at the right time to be part of Halloween party playlists and set a positive mood for the last stretch of the year. 

Since her debut, Allegra has always kept it real. Whether it’s her straight to the heart and soul vocals, her easy-to-follow-and-love melodies, or her direct lyrics, the pop artist treats her audience with sincerity and always goes straight to the point in her music. If You Wanna Love Me is no exception, as this sultry and dynamic track doesn’t beat around the bush with its empowering and confident vibe. 

In a track that reinvents disco beats and makes the popular retro trend feel refreshing again, Allegra shows a young, playful and lovable side of herself while still keeping her defiant and unapologetic attitude. The result of this blend is a feisty anthem of assertiveness in the form of  yet another danceable song — which is anything but a complaint, as the pop artist excels in music that encourages the body to groove along the beat. 

“I got tired of writing songs about heartbreak – wondering why people don’t love me… This song is very much about letting people know that they have to work to earn my love and attention. I think we can all relate to wanting that!” – Allegra

The meaning behind If You Wanna Love Me, albeit simple when explained, holds a sincerity and wholehearted desire. In her song, Allegra shows the importance of valuing ourselves and never settling for less than what we want or deserve, as love will only feel genuine when we notice that effort and affection being part of the relationship. As her innocent and honest wish is voiced by her matured self, it gives off an empowering sensation that grows inside the listener as well, providing courage to not be afraid to voice what we want with confidence. 

Though she’s still young and there’s still many lessons to be learned waiting for her, Allegra has begun to share some knowledge in If You Wanna Love Me, not wasting a single second as she shows the growth she’s made as both a person and an artist.

Destined to have another hit under her name with this release, Allegra has once again proved that she’s not going to leave the scene or our minds anytime soon. 

If you enjoyed Allegra’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel.

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