Cry Red- “Vertigo (Acoustic)”

New versions of previously released songs give them to make us appreciate different facets than those of the original. Changing even a tiny bit of a track gives it a breath of fresh air and transforms it into something completely different, as is the case of “Vertigo” from the English rock band Cry Red. By making subtle changes in instrumentation, Cry Red is able to both transform the original song while maintaining the spirit of the original.

Cry Red is a band formed by Anthony Hutchins (keys, guitar, and lyrics), Jayson Keeler (vocals), Bruno Centofanti (guitar), Dom Peyton (bass), and Ed Boateng (drums). Their sound is a fusion between indie rock with touches of U2, Coldplay, and a bit of pop-rock filled with heartfelt emotion. In March of 2020, Cry Red released their first full-length studio album Everything and the Space Between to critical acclaim. Since then, they have been releasing singles non-stop on digital platforms, while working on their second studio album.

Vertigo (Acoustic)” is a new version of the track released in Everything and the Space Between. Compared to the other version, the acoustic version focuses on featuring the strings as the guitars, and the string section of the orchestra takes the center stage. Cry Red maintains the emotions of the original, enhancing it to give it a new, extremely intimate atmosphere: We feel as if we were in a café surrounded by those close to us while the band plays an unplugged concert. This intimacy also influences the way we interpret the lyrics. Keeler’s vocals are now full of melancholy, which becomes the dominant emotion of the track.

With this new release, Cry Red presents to us two versions of “Vertigo” that may be based on the same song, but are extremely different from one another. These different versions have different moods from each other and are able to fully stand their ground on their own. Make sure to give them a listen!

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