MadZen – “Las Despedidas”

“Las Despedidas” is a last ‘hurra’ for all our loved ones who are no longer with us.” – MadZen

A mix of Alternative Pop/R&B with LoFi Hip Hop, this is what “Las Despedidas” sounds like. A four-track EP made to commemorate all that we lost this year, with heartfelt production and a heavy dose of feelings. Listen right now to MadZen’s debut EP “Las Despedidas“.

That’s it my friends! Today is a very special day, at least for me. The reason? My first ever EP has come out to light. And you might be thinking, “what the hell is this guy doing reviewing his own EP”? Haha! Well, fair enough, but, as you know, I’ve been writing for you in this blog for a while and this time I wanted to make things a bit more personal.

So, yes, I am a little biased but I hope you find it in your heart to listen to it. The story goes like this: I lost my brother in August. As you might imagine, I felt devastated, and I dealt with it in the only way I know: Making music. So I picked up some of my old songs and created new ones; blending them all together to create “Las Despedidas”, or “The Goodbyes” in honor of my parted brother. As you can tell, the EP is inspired by the “Dia De Muertos”, celebrated on the 2nd of November in México.

It’s a four-track EP, starting with “Mistakes”, an indie/R&B song with a funky bassline and a plethora of melodic guitars carried away by steady drums and grieving vocals. Next, we have “Antes De Partir” or “before kicking the bucket” which is a chilled hip-hop track with a fair dose of melancholy to it, but ultimately expressing courage and the drive to carry on in life with strength, love, and wisdom. The bass line for this track was inspired by Gorillaz’s “Starshine”!

On Spotify (and all streaming platforms), the last track is “Over Me“, a song dedicated to my brother. A very, very deep and personal song. With tender piano and soft vocals, the track evolves into an explosion of guitars, drums, and orchestra, pushing sound to the limit and ultimately coming back down to the softness of the vocals. Lyrics tell the tale of both of us growing up and my desire to share with him one last song.

My intention with this EP is that you feel identified and give your own interpretation and experience to each track; whether it is with your own family or a friend; and help you to deal with loss, as a way of therapy, as it did with me.

As I noted, it is a four-track EP, but the fourth and final track will be only available by purchasing the EP, whether is through me on my socials or my Bandcamp. Such track is “Vive Bien” or “Live Well” and it is my imagination of what our loved ones would say to us if they could write us a letter from the “other side” with messages of hope, love, and kindness. Lyrics encourage you to never lose your way or your voice, to keep striving even if times are rough. You’re never alone, we’re here with you.

That’s it, my friends, I hope you enjoy the EP and if you like my music please give me a follow on InstagramFacebookYouTubeSoundcloud and SpotifyIf you wish to purchase the full EP you can download it on Bandcamp.

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