Michael Ransom “Foxes”

A hint of summer nights and a lot of thoughts on love masterfully combined with wonderful dream-pop soundscapes. This emotive, smooth, and dream-filled song you’re about to hear will warm up the cold wet autumn day considerably.

Michael Ransom is a Londoner singer-songwriter stirring up a smooth dreamy indie-pop sound, something akin to Oscar and the Wolf and mellower songs from Empire of the Sun. Inspirations come to the artist from practically anything, be it lockdown-induced feelings and thoughts, the beautifully cursed topic of love, or hearing sounds of nighttime creatures roaming outside.

Foxes” is the third single coming from Michael’s soon-arriving debut EP. Warm vibrant synth and guitar-driven atmosphere of the song gains a steady flow from slowly evolving well-measured percussion. His singing voice is emotional, soft, and mellow and fits so wonderfully with the rest of the song. Background vocal bits that layer upon each other heighten the heartfelt feelings even more.

It’s a song of hope and holding on, and a little bit watery-eyed gaze at the loved one. The racing beat in the song feels synonymous with the fearful twinge within you. That kind which raises its head upon sensing the dreaded thought of letting that loved person slip out of your life. But just as the intensity of the song grows sky-height, the soothing mellowness along with organ chords returns in its whole to end the song on a quiet lovely note. A must-hear for anyone loving indie sounds, dreamy electropop, and great male voices!

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