Grace O’Shea “Consumed”

Grace O’Shea sings about being ‘Consumed’ by her readily increasing romantic feelings in her relatable indie-folk single.

From age fourteen to the present date, Grace O’Shea has been one with her guitar on her journey to discover her sound and express herself in her now-signature sound. Blending vintage folk, country, a little bit of indie and Americana inspiration and with musical influences such as Taylor Swift (credited for drawing O’Shea into country music), Brandi Carlile, Lori McKenna, Kacey Musgraves, and Joni Mitchell, the New England-born and now Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-songwriter evokes feelings of melancholy, affection, and relatability in her timeless and refreshing sound. 

With endless plans for the future — including a forthcoming EP that will feature her current singles, O’Shea is preparing to make her name known to more and more people. 

Consumed, her second and most recent single was recorded in Tennessee. The track is a collaborative project with her friend and producer RaeAnna VanDemark (electric guitarist, bassist, lead audio engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, and producer) and two more musicians, namely: Cole Pomeroy (drums) and Joe Zak (trumpet). Grace O’Shea is the vocalist and acoustic guitarist.

Telling the story of an all-consuming love who’s begun to swallow up the owner of said feelings, Consumed is an engaging and intrepid narrative that draws the listener in like moths to a flame — or an individual to their unrequited crush. 

The single, or rather O’Shea herself, depicts the sort of love that makes one go a little insane. No matter where you are or what you look at, your mind and heart will inevitably go back to the object of your affections. As the fear of confessing interacts with the bottled-up thoughts, madness ensues: everything becomes a sign that is positive and negative at the same time, and everyone knows what you’re thinking just by glancing at you. The unattainability of your crush only makes things feel more intense, to the point you are seconds away from shouting to the entire world how you feel. 

Grace O’Shea found herself in that exact situation at the age of twenty, and that was what inspired Consumed. The artist shared how she was: “crushing hard on someone I, in retrospect, didn’t even know all that well. But at the time it felt like everything and I literally felt as if it was consuming my entire life. That idea of being consumed by someone struck a chord with me, and the song basically wrote itself from there. I was playing around with barre chord shapes on my bedroom floor, and suddenly the song started to take shape; I wrote it in about 30 minutes.”

Consumed follows the pace of an incessantly beating heart of someone in near proximity to their crush. Upbeat, dynamic, and rhythmic, the song is a thrill of a ride that keeps listeners on their toes the entire time; with trumpet parts reminiscent of Lake Street Dive and rhythmic guitar stylings harkening back to Joni Mitchell. 

The track is meant to be sung at the top of your lungs without any care in the world. Through it, people are able to finally let out all those emotions they kept in for forever, adding a freeing sensation to the pleasant listening experience. Whether it’s on your own or with your friends, in the confines of your room, or in an open field, Consumed will make you fly away and feel liberated for its entire duration.

As Grace said: “while being Consumed by somebody wasn’t a fun experience to live through,” at least there is now a great song about it ready to accompany you. 

If you enjoyed Grace O’Shea’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media, you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile and Soundcloud, or you can purchase her music at Bandcamp.

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