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Kitty O’Neal is a British multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Releasing music under the performing alias March, the artist creates airy magical folk-infused indie sound. Elements of prog-rock and jazz spark up her music, even more, making way for immersive storytelling surrounded with gentleness. Her beautiful singing voice has a sunny sheen to it, complementing well with the dreamy atmosphere. Ethereal string arrangements spiced up with rhythmic varieties, silver-laced lyrics written with open heart carry the listener to somewhere serene, away from the busy daily lives and away from the hurting.

Today, March drops her newest release – a full-length album named “All of the Above“, which is home to 9 tracks with a total playtime of 41 minutes. All of what makes her music so beautiful has collectively found its way into this album, turning it into one wonderful aural journey. Themes sprouting from the living, changing, and sometimes volatile nature of relationships and everything that identifies a person are handled delicately and turned into songs celebrating life as it is, the blessed and sometimes damned state of being.

“A Change” begins with soothing humming and expands into smooth jazzy soundscapes with strings, layered vocals, and soft guitar and piano notes collectively flowing through highs and lows. That eases into the guitar notes of “For The World”, a song beginning as a ballad and then moving on to twirl with soft vocals singing out melodies. A song wondering about what keeps a person going in life, and that feeling of still craving for something more.

“Simply” takes over with much more intimate sounds. Church-like wintery chords feel like soothing candle flames and emotive vocals flow like clear water on leaves. Pondering thoughts echo through the reverbed guitar chords in the magic-laced “Blue Hour” with a sense of immediacy added by drums. “There Was a Time” comes in with a strong storyteller vibe, guitar notes following the melody sung by her, slowly incorporating more and more little elements, building up a beautiful atmosphere. The string section joining in here is absolutely splendid.

Blips of piano chords begin “A Cloud”, an emotive song that concentrates on the little things blurred up by confused feelings between two people. The song paints a wonderful illustration of this state, with male and female voices twirling around each other with strings growing between them. “Never Ruin” feels determined, episodes of indie rock change places with calmer parts while never losing pace. “Mad Eyes” starts with guitar notes melting into each other, following her voice of questioning herself. The album ends with “Daring to Love”, a gentle song full of choral bits going deep into the vulnerable state of loving, with a touch of explosive nature of love.

It’s an evocative haunting album that is fearless at being vulnerable and honest. Featuring beautifully crafted instrumentation and dream-like voice, “All of the Above” is a release that just keeps getting better with each play.

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