Mulholland Jive- “Bad Moon Rising”

Today’s featured single is a fun track that makes us want to band together with those close to us once again.”Bad Moon Rising” the latest single from Irish project Mulholland Jive, is a funk-rock track that explodes in energy! Its frantic beat and non-stop, fast instruments carry us to dimensions once unknown to us. Uplifting, makes you want to jump straight out of your seat and dance along.

Mulholland Jive is a project headed by Irish musician Ben Mulholland, a multi-instrumentalist based in Cambridge, UK. It originally started as a project aimed at secondary school. Mulholland composed tracks inspired by groups like Snarky Puppy, Muse, The White Stripes, and Vulfpeck, for his students to perform. These tracks proved to be a huge success within the school community, which inspired him to properly record them and release them to the general public. His first EP Intergalactic, which included the singles “Adrenaline Junkie”, “Kryptonite” and “Levitate”, was released in April of 2021 and received critical acclaim. “Levitate” was nominated as a finalist for Track of The Year at the NMG Awards.

“Bad Moon Rising” starts and does not stop until the very end. The fast piano, accompanied by the hard guitar riffs and the full band creates a color that may be identifiable to those that love funk, and yet, Mulholland gives it a fresh new twist. The instruments seem to talk between each other. They ask questions and respond to one another, reprising themes established by other instruments. While they work together to form harmonies, each instrument has its own personality. We get to know the anxious piano, the persistent metals, the fast-paced guitars, and the confident drums. They work together and have their time to shine with their solos. With their interaction, Mulholland Jive presents a hard-hitting funk track.

“Bad Moon Rising” is an enjoyable track for those who love funk and the general public alike. Mulholland Jive is able to take advantage of each of the instruments’ talents and exploit them to the max. “Bad Moon Rising” is a track that shows a new step forward in the career of an already recognized, talented composer. Give it a listen!

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