The Fades ft Les “Fruitbar” Carter’s amusing new single “People In General”

British rock band The Fades have released a wildly amusing track filled with raucous riffs and hypnotic chants. “People In General” is a fun way of exploring how we as people tend to bring each other down, whining and complaining while we’re also part of the problem. This amusing single has a lot to offer, so go check it out.


That’s it my friends! A brand new track from these fine gentlemen from London, UK has arrived and it’s just a little taste of what the band has in store for us. But first, welcome back everybody! We hope that you’re enjoying your weekend, having a blast, or at least feeling good!

But sometimes it can be difficult to feel good when someone else is doing his best to annoy you. Maybe is a loud neighbor, maybe is a crazy driver, maybe is some stranger on the street… Or, maybe, just maybe, it is you who are bringing down others! Oops! That’s the message that “People In General” brings: “We all get a little bit p*ssed off sometimes and luckily…. hopefully, we can tolerate and understand that in each other.

The song starts with a very garage-feeling rock and roll sound, trying to emulate The Fades’ spirit and energy of their live shows. Recorded with analog equipment at Brixton Hill Studios in South West London, the track has a very raw feeling, spitting out vitriol towards “people in general”, but, nevertheless, a sense of having fun.

The Fades have always been renowned for raucous and intense live shows, so we wanted to try and capture that with this record. We went into Brixton Hill Studios to use analogue equipment to do the tracks as close to live as we could. We were joined by a load of friends from other bands to do some backing vocals and get drunk having fun in the studio.” – The Fades

What starts as a vibrant rock and roll track, with a little bit of punk into it, the song suddenly changes into a slow-paced, drunk-ish tune. Teaming up with Les Carter from Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, who recorded the end vocals remotely, The Fades present to us this single as the first from their upcoming new album, due to be released mid-2022.

The Fades always try to be a little tongue in cheek alongside some more serious themes – this comes across on the record. It’s fun, sometimes serious, calm, and intense. Big melodies and big riffs.” – The Fades


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