Top 100 Songs 2021 (46-38)

Hi, y’all, thanks for being here my friends, this has been a great year where I find so many great tracks that share with you, here I have another 9 secret gems that when I listen for the very first time make feel, what makes me feel? Exactly that “feel” something: joy, excitement, happiness, a rush of energy, and was hard to stop listening to, still does.

With no more time to waste hit that play button on these artists’ tracks. Remember that it’s really important that you follow them, stream them, buy their music, you can find their link in each of the following articles, so support your favorite artist, stream and add to your own playlists and obviously, you can always listen to them in our Playlists Top 100 Songs 2021, or you can find all of them and nearly 900 gems waiting to be found by you on our BLOG LT1KF You can check previous installments here (100-92), (91-83), (82-74), (73-65), (64-56), and (55-47)

Important to mention that all these artists were “Less Than 1,000 Followers” on Spotify at the time we publish their article, some of them still are but others just jump over and we hope all made it sooner or later.    

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