Blueprint Tokyo – A Whole New Life

We’re glad to announce that Oklahoma City, United States- and Lethbridge, Canada-based indie rock duo Blueprint Tokyo have released a new EP, entitled A Whole New Life.

With a penchant for hooks and atmosphere, Andy and Kevin have been playing across the US for more than a decade. On the brink of being a full-time musicians, Kevin was unfortunately diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease, forcing him to stop playing music; and without insurance, his diagnosis and treatment eventually came through charities, personal debt, and benefits. Now healthy, the duo have restarted their musical journey, with new songs in hand. Emerging from the pandemic, their new band Blueprint Tokyo is starting fresh.

A Whole New Life spans the globe, having been written in Oklahoma City in the United States and Alberta, Canada, mixed in Italy and mastered in the UK. With some 80s influence, the EP conjures a feeling of hopefulness in a time of need. The EP opens with “Panic Carefully,” previously released as a single earlier this year (our review here). “Panic Carefully” combines driving percussion with effects-filtered electric guitars and a range of electronic-sounding synths, nicely highlighting the yearning vocals throughout this dynamic track. Next is “A Whole New Life,” which is introduced by the ambient sound of a crowd of people talking, before the opening verse begins with its reverb-laden guitars, resonant bass, and steady mid-tempo beat. Deep vocals nicely complement the dreamy guitar textures throughout the track’s verses, while harmonizing well with the backing vocals, guitars, and atmospheric synths during the catchy chorus that ultimately concludes the track.

“Take Me Anyplace” features melodic, emotive vocals and layered, retro-sounding synths throughout its engaging lyrical passages, with distorted electric guitar chords at times adding an element of heaviness that nicely underscores the choruses.

The EP then concludes with “Infused,” which blends powerful drumming, layers of clean-toned guitars, and washes of ethereal synths to create a compelling backdrop for the track’s impressive vocals; while staccato rhythm guitar chords drive the choruses, later emboldened by a sample from an inspiring speech towards the track’s conclusion. A Whole New Life is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, reflecting Blueprint Tokyo’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this EP to fans of indie- and alternative rock alike.

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