Linda “Losing My Mind”

Losing your mind dancing to some good vibes or hearing the wind in your ears feeling the effortless speed feels wonderful. It’s also hard to get yourself up on your feet to do those enjoyable things sometimes, and that’s ok – today’s song will take care of that. This single is not only a ridiculously uplifting funky tune, it’s also a message to all people idly sitting by to take the most out of living and enjoy what you’ve got.

Linda, the Hungarian singer-songwriter with a powerful voice returns with her new release. This artist brings everything she loves about life together into her music, be it her job as an airplane pilot, the ecstatic energy of paragliding, or stories about people from the past. Her musical output has proven to be diverse, ranging from serious heartbreaking ballads like “Ballad of Abigail” to soft singer-songwriter melodies represented by “Best Friend“, to sparkling joyful allnighter party tunes like “City Lights“. Strong high-energy rock affairs and soft indie pop dreams walk hand-in-hand, offering something for every mood out there.

Losing My Mind” is another single from her upcoming album “Trip to Myself”. It’s a combined effort of Linda and Ábel Mihalik, a music producer who has lent his instrumental expertise to what has turned out to be one funky tune. Smooth synths and groovy full-of-energy guitar riffs start up the song, soon joined by Linda’s pleasantly silky vocals. The sunny mellow voice and dancy rhythms build up a naughty joyful atmosphere with no room left for hesitations. And when the chorus hits, it turns the funk straight up to eleven, rocking off your socks in the smoothest way possible.

This sparkly joy of a song is all about enjoying life and a call to stop sitting in standby mode. The lyrics with an emphasis on making up your mind are full of youthful energy of a fully-charged adventurer. “Losing My Mind” becomes a message to all those indecisive and maybe a bit scared people among us – life is an adventure and Linda urges us to make the most out of it all. Ride on the funky feel and enjoy the wind!

“Never stop living your dreams!”


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