A sensationally fresh indie-rock tune that glows with its vibrant melodies and superb mix. This Australian duo offers a catchy and unique pop/rock vibe within their brand new single. Listen or pre-save (time zone) right now to “Drawing By Design“.

As the band puts it, drawing by design means to act without thinking, and this wonderful song is about being with someone who behaves that way.

I almost forgot, welcome back everybody! It’s almost the weekend, and we are super hyped to bring you this fantastic melodic-rock tune with a lot of Freddy Mercury vibes. You’ll know what I mean! This new track was created by Australian brothers: Darcy and Spencer Ward, a DIY music duo that creates every song as a team. Nice!

There’s a lot to say about this song. It has a lot of colors and kind of a bittersweet ambience. Lyrics don’t exactly match the uplifting music, but the juxtaposition of both creates a really magical scenario where the pain is present but has little power. Mesmerizing!

Fuzzy elements like guitar and bass reign in this indie realm. The vocals seemed to be out of some Freddy Mercury’s old recordings. Every element has its place, every strum, every delay, each instrument sits just perfectly in the mix and the story the song tells is both tragic yet honest and delightful. It truly is an amazing experience from start to finish.

After previously releasing our debut EP ‘To Be Frank’ in Nov 2020 along with singles ‘Fuzzface’ and ‘Scaramouche’ earlier in 2021, we’re keeping the train rolling right into the next station.

This out-of-the-park production covers an almost universal pain, the loss of a romantic partner. Explosive and a bit psychedelic, “Drawing By Design” will immediately sneak into your romantic pop playlists. Oh, and in case you missed our previous article about Mother Culture’s last single you can read it right here: Scaramouche.

That’s it for now, but we leave you with an outstanding tune that deserves all your love and sharing. So, go ahead and hit that play button, I promise, you won’t regret it…


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