Poison Oak- “Weekend Blues”

Some songs make us feel liberated from our daily lives. Suddenly we feel as if we are tied to any responsibilities at all, leaving all of those things that worry us behind. Today’s featured track belongs to this special genre of song. “Weekend Blues” is a feel-good, pop-rock song by Australian band Poison Oak aimed at every person getting through their workday each week. As its name suggests, the track is about that relief we feel when we finally achieve what we want, similar to finally reaching Friday after a long week of work, but it is also about realizing that this happiness may not last forever. After all, one must return to work on Monday.

“Weekend Blues” is the third single from Poison Oak’s upcoming third EP building up from the momentum of Poison Oak’s previous release “Losing Ourselves”, which was featured in magazines including Indie O’Clock, Amplify, From the Strait, Scenestr, and Rising Artists. Poison Oak have built a name for themselves with their pop-rock style that invites the listener to sing along with a rich, dense color full of diverse sounds. As we get to know them more with releases such as the single “Sarah” and the EP 1996, we realize the full potential of the Australian band.

This new single features Poison Oak’s characteristic sound of catchy riffs that are stuck in our minds all day long. Even with the first chord, we are struck with a sense of freedom that only the weekend may give to us. The music instantly carries us away, as if we were floating away. The lyrics reflect this feeling as well. And yet, there is a certain melancholy in the track. We may now be free, but soon we must return to our duties. But Poison Oak suggests that we must enjoy everything while it lasts.

Poison Oak has once again shown us just exactly to feature contradicting emotions in a track. “Weekend Blues” is a track aimed at the average person stuck in a workweek, anxiously waiting for the weekend to arrive. It gives us the opportunity to escape, even for a little while.

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