“Washing Machine” – “Perfect Misfits” EP

This band from Stockholm, Sweden is making a very strong debut with their first-ever EP. A 5-piece collection of indie-rock songs perfectly executed, reminding us of prolific classic bands like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, and The Pixies. Listen right now to “Perfect Misfits“.

A beautiful EP has arrived this past Monday. Perfectly crafted, perfectly blend, perfectly mixed… That’s “Perfect Misfits” in a nutshell. But first, let me welcome you all to your favorite music blog, Less Than 1000 Followers, thank you so much for coming back. Now, onto the music!

Ok, so, Washing Machine was created in Spring 2021 by Mark, Karl, and Sara, who started sending each other music back and forth, eventually shaping their songs. Later on, Sara’s friend, Emelie was recruited on drums. Their influences? Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Breeders, Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement, and Dinosaur Jr to name a few. The Perfect Misfits sessions are 5 of 15 songs already recorded and boy oh boy, are they something to appreciate.

“Perfect Misfits” EP is a wonderful mix of indie-rock mixed with an ethereal vibe, almost psychedelic. It is truly one of a kind but it does resemble The Pixies a lot. With infectious guitar riffs, a variety of grooves, and graceful vocals, the songs captivate you in an instant.

Starting with the homophone track, “Perfect Misfits”, the EP immediately delivers a sonic experience of swinging drums, experimental guitars, and heavy grooving bass. The wild chorus leaves a mark, and the soft bridge filled with radio-like vocals and delayed guitars gives the track a bit of a twist before returning home.

Next, we have “Kim”, a track that quickly snaps with fuzzy bass. The snare pushes through and the high-gain, crunchy guitars make quite the appearance. “Find The Beat” is possibly the most psychedelic track, with a bit of 70s/80s texture in the vocals. This one reminded me of a mixture of Doves and Fuzz. Its catchy beat and slamming drums will make you vibe!

Next, “New Years Day” makes an entrance with a cool guitar effect and a wide, wide, chorus. This is IMHO the most emotional track, with a unique vibe that dwells between sad and pretty. Ethereal ambient with a bit of nostalgia. Real pretty…

The EP meets its end with the final track “Stuck In A Dream”, which quickly presents a guitar lick that feels just a bit ominous, like out of a sci-fi film, but ends up brightening up with its mellow chorus. A mix of weird and experimental, with hopeful and exquisite. Super dope track.

Me and Mark go way back, but we never played in a band together, but we always talked about it since we both love noisy indie rock like Sonic Youth and bands like that. We met Sara when we needed a bass player for our other band Bring the Hoax. During Covid me, Mark and Sara started sending ideas to each other and soon we discovered that it worked out well and just like that we had 15 songs written and recorded. We recorded our individual parts at home and then we recorded the vocals in Marks studio in Hölö, a few miles outside of Stockholm. This first EP contains 5 songs, but we already have sent 6 new ones to mixing so expect new releases in short from us. Sara works on Rytmus as video teacher, which made it easy for us to do videos, we have done three for the Perfect Misfits EP, which only the title song is release yet. Kim and Find the beat videos will also be released in short. Kim was mixed in the Atlantis studio by Stefan Boman that has mixed bands like Hellacopters, Kent and others. Abba did record a lot of songs in the studio as well.” – Karl

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