Prints of Monaco “Petals Are Falling”

Relationships are complicated and sometimes they may not work out at all. Today’s single is a poignant story of one such relationship through the lens of a man who saw his loved one falling distant and cheating on him. Read on to learn more about the single and the man behind it!

Prints of Monaco is an indie rock project run by Oliver Monaco, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer. The artist is all about sad and introspective emotions fully released into music, making for what Oliver describes as “sadboysongs”. The personal feels and internal turmoil are effortlessly carried on by flowing well-balanced production. The songs are captivating – catchy rocking choruses change places with quiet thoughts presented by honest lyrics with low-toned guitar melody providing backdrop.

“If this is your first time listening to Prints of Monaco, thanks for checking us out! We’re based in NYC, and write cathartic, indie rock/folks songs.”

The project has just released “Petals Are Falling“, their third single. As the name suggests, it’s a song about a failing relationship. Soft flooding soundscapes paint a visual of a man saddened to find his partner cheat on him. The drum kick that pokes through the otherwise gentle sorrowful atmosphere adds to the disappointed feel. As the song progresses, the feels become lighter and while the thoughts of the cheating loved one still linger, the weight is dissipating.

“This song is a narrative piece about a character with a significant other who’s been growing distant, and the character has a feeling that they’re not being faithful. They realize after seeing the significant other return from a trip that they have been with someone else, and they’re coming to terms with this. The song was primarily inspired by music by The Barr Brothers, but has other influences as well.”

“Petals Are Falling” is a tender warm song with heartfelt lyrics that floats through the aftermath of a relationship now in the past. The driving feel of the song meets beautiful instrumentation and his pure vocals. It might be one of the best songs to listen to when you’re going through a relationship gone wrong, or when you love wonderfully crafted indie sounds full of emotions.
Also, Prints of Monaco is currently planning to release a new single every few months, so plenty is yet to come:

“We have a lot more coming out in the next few months, so follow us on Instagram/Spotify!”

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