Top 100 Songs 2021 (37-29)

What’s up my friends, thanks for being here supporting great but unknown bands/artists, I’m really happy to see you here, thank you for your message, your likes but mostly for keep coming back to our blog, we put our hearts and souls into this project and almost one year after beginning I can say that my expectations were surpassed by far, not that they were casualties simply it’s been an extraordinary year.

I’m still in shock at the response that we have from the bands/artists your trust in our work goes beyond what words can express and a simple “THANK YOU” could be not enough but is from the bottom of my heart, honestly it’s an honor to have you here on the blog each one of you.

After 8 weeks and only three more weeks to go in this countdown, the end of the road is near, and I need to say that I’m not left behind no one, you all are part of our yearly Playlist BLOG LT1KF (over 900 tracks now) that soon is going to become #BLOGLT1K2021 but I’ll let you know when it’s ready as memorabilia for when you want to take a look back.

This week I already extend too much, no theme, well if you want a short one let’s say that this week’s round in one word would be “ECLECTIC”, check these picks and let me know if you agree.

Have an extraordinary weekend and enjoy the music, keep rocking, keep supporting, keep streaming!!!

You can check previous installments here (100-92), (91-83), (82-74), (73-65), (64-56),  (55-47), and (46-38).

Important to mention that all these artists were “Less Than 1,000 Followers” on Spotify at the time we publish their article, some of them still are but others just jump over and we hope all made it sooner or later.    

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