DAMIEN’s new single continues to prove them as masters of Alt-Electro Rock. After their first single “Love Myself”, “Human” shows DAMIEN’s pristine capacity to blend political and social themes with aggressive, electronic music. Perfect for Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and Marilyn Manson fans.

That’s it my friends! A brand new single from our dear, queer, non-binary artist, DAMIEN has arrived. An industrial rock track with heavy basses and gritty vocals that invite us to be more “human“.

First of all, welcome back! We’re glad to see you back here. In case you missed our previous article about DAMIEN’s last single you can find it right here: Love Myself. But anyway, let’s make a quick recap!

DAMIEN is a queer, non-binary artist who pushes against mainstream conventions with poignant, post-punk political commentaries and calls for social activism. They’re known to stand out thanks to their energy and crowd engagement during their sold-out performances.

With this single, DAMIEN draws inspiration from the spiritualist idea that there is something uniquely sacred and divine about our humanity, and that the truly human experience is one in which we come to grow in compassion, love, empathy, and unity towards one another.

Released in the wake of recent tragedies in Afghanistan, the continued tensions and frustrations being felt through lockdowns, border restrictions, and slow vaccination rollouts in response to COVID-19, “Human” urges us to be kind to one another, to act with compassion and love, and to stop being a dick to each other.

Fittingly the song criticizes the popular evangelical narrative that depicts a future home in some alternative dimension or realm known as ‘heaven’ and rather suggests that our home is here and now, and thus our divine calling is to embrace our humanity and tend to the earth on which we live.”  

Violent, crude, and harsh, DAMIEN’s music leaves a mark with its dark and fierce energy. Their songs and messages come from a place of love but strike with the power of darkness.

“Human” is the second single release from the upcoming album, ‘Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender.’. It was written and produced by DAMIEN in his home studio in Ipswich QLD, mixed by Hugh Middleton of Out With The In studios in West End, QLD, and mastered by Matthew Gray (Brisbane).

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