Penguin’s Lonely Heart – “Kill The President”

Kill the President is a mysterious psych-rock track with a mystifying groove and a puzzling music video. A song that dwells in the damage left behind by bad lovers and the feeling of not being enough. Listen right now to “Kill The President“.

Extra! Extra! A brand new single, released just today, by this long distance band. Penguin’s Lonely Heart is a duo comprised of Asya Turgeneva, based in Cork, Ireland and Kostja Zaytsev, based in Vladivostok, Russia. Both are separated by 13,000 Km!

But despite the distance, the duo has managed to create long distance music since 2016, and this new single will leave you asking for more! “Kill the president is a Single about bad dating experience and feeling not good enough to be noticed.

Starting with a rhythmic guitar riff and a deep kick, the song keeps a minimalist approach with just a percussive hihat and Asya’s voice. Lyrics are about abusive relationships where the person smitten you with promises but then “fucks your ass on the very first date”, “metaphorically of course 🙂

A choir of dissonant guitars cover the horizontal plane, while Asya’s vocals get ever more crushed and gritty, giving life to the sad story of a bad relationship that left its painful mark, a mark that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Here’s a bit of insight from the band itself:

“The narrative is about being a good girl and sucking it up when it hurts, and until you stick to being a good girl for others nothing will change. ‘You’ll never write a song that will be good enough for them’ is about seeking others approval but you don’t know who ‘they’ are or why you crave it so badly. It’s like a very long and sad circle of bad tinder dates. You just have to stop and change something radically. Not about you but about how you allow people to treat you.”

The video is meant to be confusing so that people can read their own stories in it. I got a few readings that are quite different from my own vision and I love it.” – Asya

The music video was shot in a DIY style with an iPhone 10 and the help of some friends, with footage filmed in Cork, Ireland and a few scenes in Vladivostok, Russia. It tells the story of a couple of former friends who’ve decided to get rid of each other, but only one of them has the guts to move on with the plan… Give it a look! Tell us what you think!

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