DEATH BY TAPIOCA – “Take It There”

Take It There is a silky smooth trap beat with lofi features and a lounge feel to it. With witty lyrics and fresh lines, this Iranian-Canadian artist could sit amongst Amine, Lil Dicky, and KYLE.

Inspired by his roots and the unfamiliar Western Pop culture he was raised in, Alborz Mohtashami found the answers he was searching for in music. Angry in his teen years and a bit fractured by the vilification of his ethnicity after the 9/11 attacks, Alborz struggled to express himself in a contradictory world.

Despite his anger (and thanks to the community that welcomed him), Alborz found a new path of self-care and poetry, resurfacing as the light-headed, fun-seeking, Death By Tapioca. Inspired by ancient Persian and Chinese poets, all the way up to present-day legends of Toronto’s slam scene, Alborz writes using both his brain and heart, using slick references and witty catch phrases.

After the success of his last single “Out Like Trout”, which received over 30,000 views on YouTube, and 7,500 streams on Spotify, Death By Tapioca is back with his latest single “Take It There” a POV song about a man meeting a girl after a concert. With smooth talk and no-fake-bullshit, the narrator presents himself as he truly is aiming to seduce the girl in a respectful and amusing way.

In the first verse, he introduces himself, describing his style and how he stands out, with lines like “floral print silk, eccentric” and “multi-coloured diamonds, like Trix”, as well as a preview of what spending time with him could lead to, when he says “when you take this trip with me, there be no resort” implying he isn’t a typical guy who would go for basic beach vacations, but he’s got more depth to him.

The beat was produced by JU$TUNLD, and it’s night-vibe served as inspiration for the song’s lyrics, the two of them going hand in hand. If you listen carefully you’ll notice the lush elements hidden in the background, giving life to the track

While the trope of a guy getting to know a girl at a bar is certainly overdone, “Take it There” refrains from eye-rolling smooth talk or being cheesy, self-deprecating, or misogynistic. Here the artist, Death by Tapioca, just expresses himself as he is, and makes it clear from the beginning what his intentions are. No smoke and mirrors, no pretending to be something he’s not, no flashing or boasting for the sake of it, and no offensive language or presumptive, patronizing vocabulary towards the woman. For a “guy-meets-girl-at-bar” song, it’s lyrically refreshing.

Here’s a little backstory to the song, brought to us by the artist himself:

This song was written in early June, I had the instrumental for a few weeks but I was just sitting with it, vibing with it. My influences were a combination of Korean hip-hop, which I find very melodic and felt would groove well with the beat, and the fact that my city, Toronto, was opening up again after the pandemic. This meant dating was back on, and I was thinking of going back to the bars and lounges I used to frequent before lockdown.

A message for first-time listeners: You can expect to hear me having fun. No matter what the topic, I try to bring cleverness, wittiness, even quirkiness, to my lyricism, in hopes of raising eyebrows and turning heads. Most of all, I’m here to have fun. I love music, and I hope I can give the same feeling I get from listening to it to anyone who listens to my music.

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