“Music that attempts to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, and reflecting in such experiences.” – That’s what Sub:Om’s new single is all about. Melodic/Industrial Rock that will penetrate your senses and leave you asking “Who am I? What’s it all about?…”. Listen right now to “Unify“.

Ok guys, this one goes out for all you psychedelic rock / industrial rock fanatics out there. Sub:Om is a super dope band that mixes heavy musical elements with metaphysical lyrics and matters of the spirit, all together in a unique musical and visual mix that transcends our chaotic reality.

Apart from their unpredictable music, Sub:Om also takes special care of their visuals, such as hypnotic body paint on their frontman and a cyberpunk look for the rest of the band, which you can appreciate in Unify’s video.

There’s a lot of melodic elements but the core of the song is a heavy dose of electric bass and powerful drumming, making a real contrast with the high-reaching vocals. A blasting chorus is offered at the beginning of the track with high-gain guitars layered together creating soaring melodies. There’s definitely a lot of defiant energy going on!

Formed in 2018 in Los Angeles, California by Vex (Lead Singer), Skylarj (Guitar/Bass/Synths) and Evan (Drums), Sub:Om finds inspiration in acts like Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Tool, and The Cure. Just my coup of tea! To them, their music can be defined as “Visionary Rock” or “Music that attempts to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, and reflecting in such experiences.” Damn!

This song is their first single off their upcoming debut album: “Back To The Source”, which will be released in the middle of January and will be comprised of nine different tracks, many of which are based on reflections of mystical experiences and the healing that can come from such practices.

Unity is strength…..division is weakness.” – Sub:Om

I had a little bit of time to talk with Sub:Om about some pretty interesting facts about their story, you can check it out right here! Only in Less Than 1000:

MadZen: Could you tell us a bit more about the name of the band?

Sub:Om: The name of the band came from one of our close friends who woke up out of a dream and came into the studio and said….. “I just had a dream and the name SUB:OM came to me in the dream as a name for your band”.

MadZen: Is there any particular meaning to the front man’s body paint?

Sub:Om: The lead singer is the character named VEX. A multidimensional spirit walker bringing insights from his various travels in the dimensions of possibility. His body paint represents the Spiral, a reflection of the pattern that all energy in the 3rd dimension moves in, from atoms to Black Holes. Which by the way the first song on the album is titled “Black Hole”.

MadZen: What can we expect from your upcoming album?

Sub:Om: We have been working diligently on the album for 2 years. It will be released in mid January. The album is full of solid rocking tunes with catchy melodies and heavy grooving beats. . The themes of our lyrics deal with healing, insight, and moving past the fears that hold us back as human beings. Because we took our time with creating the album we feel that it has a really cohesive set of songs that are all very strong. The music is Visionary Rock music for the 21st Century.

That’s it! Super cool guys!

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