One Haven – “Ember (Feat. Jen Taylor and Dean Scott)”

Whoever argues that the Grunge days are gone is lying to himself, but every once in a while there comes a voice that reminds us of the great singers of the 90s like Eddie Vedder and even the clean melodies of Corey Taylor.

A trip to the past in a modern age, where auto-tuned vocals and digitally enhanced singers over-populate the earth. One Haven’s frontman, Jason Taylor, revives that old forgotten fire that still lives within our hearts with his low, raspy, emotional voice, perfectly delivering that southern feeling of classic rock.

In this acoustic ballad, Jason sings with a broken voice about yearning and love. An emotive chant driven by the ache that comes with being miles or oceans apart, fearing one may never get the chance to show gratitude for the love that has given them strength to endure the pain that comes with overcoming demons and seeing a new way in life.

The slightly detuned guitars lead the way and Jason’s voice follows, creating a solemn ambience of pain, love, and longing. With the great addition of his wife’s vocals, Jen Taylor, who recorded the song just a couple of days after delivering the couple’s baby, the track emanates a certain sense of despair but ultimately showing a great amount of love towards those he holds close to his heart.

“Ember” is a song about the transformative power of love, and the attendant pain that sometimes comes with change, potential loss, new awareness and the slaying of internal demons. Written by Jason Taylor (lead songwriter, guitar & vocals) before he was about to depart for a few months of military training, the song reflects the angst of parting with those you care about and the reflection that comes with imminent separation in the midst of internal tribulations. The female vocals on the track are done by Jason’s wife, Jen Taylor, who helped co-write lyrics. The cello sound throughout is an e-bow on electric guitar done by the band’s producer, Dean Scott.

Simple and penetrating, “Ember” (drops tomorrow PRE-SAVE NOW!!!) grows ever stronger as the song advances, with a final chorus that makes the skin shiver and the memory of our loved ones coming back to our hearts and heads.

Started by Jason Taylor, former singer of Templedown, One Haven has always been just that – a single refuge from the challenges of life – one man and an acoustic guitar.

“The unmanufactured, the vulnerable, the imperfect – things so much more precious than we could have known, and surely to be recognized as taken for granted only when they are gone, in this world now so thoroughly contrived and superficial” – Jason Taylor

One Haven is:

Jason Taylor – Guitar & Vocals / Daniel Mack – Guitar & Back Up Vocals / Jen Taylor – Guest Vocals

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