The Tropicanas – “Go to Sleep”

Following shortly after the release of their EP Calypso Kool, English rock band The Tropicanas come out swinging once again with their newest single! “Go To Sleep” drops tomorrow (Pre-save NOW!!!) Is a groovy, dream-like, bedroom rock track that is a blend of surf rock and bossa nova, alongside the high reverb and echoey vocals of bedroom rock, that guarantees the listener a trip they will never forget.

The Tropicanas are ironically named after Scotland’s always gloomy weather. They describe ourselves as a “rock band from outer space”. After listening to their work, it seems clear why they chose this label: their music sounds like something completely out of the Earth as if an alien from a distant planet somehow heard 60’s surf rock and decided to make their own version of it with all the instruments that they had at hand. The result is a surprisingly versatile sound. The Tropicanas have created an original lo-fi sound that is all their own.

“Go to Sleep” follows this style. It is a track that takes inspiration from the chords and the beat of bossa nova (with figures such as João Gilberto and Jorge Ben Jor) with the DIY sounds of bedroom rock (Mac DeMarco). Recorded remotely during the pandemic, “Go to Sleep” has a vintage texture with its floaty guitars and vocals, square waveform synths, and 80’s style electric drum beat, with a slight psychedelic touch with its surreal lyrics. “Go to Sleep” is a throwback to an era long gone, but to one that seems to be from an alternate universe, distant yet familiar.

The Tropicanas is an up-and-coming band that has been able to prove its originality with each new release. “Go to Sleep” is no exception to this rule. Give it a listen and check it out for yourselves!

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