Tomás Segura – “Ciclos”

Very few times, nowadays, do we run into well-thought lyricism that speaks from the heart. Behind the processed, pre-manufactured BS of mainstream music, we are able to find artists that speak with truth, love, and wisdom.

Tomás Segura is one of them. A young Spanish rapper with a mission to touch lives and change broken mentalities with his soft verses and encouraging lyrics. The fondness behind his music is like a calm wave of beautiful nostalgia, reflecting in his own’s struggles but also the struggles each and every one of us can relate to.

“Ciclos” captures our attention immediately with a chilled Hip Hop groove and a warm lo-fi sample. It’s of little importance if you don’t understand the language, the very energy and love that the track transmits is enough to make you feel something.

Time heals everything / Nothing is that hard / Everything comes back / Life is a cycle / Don’t you get it? This and more heart-spoken verses can be heard throughout the whole song which, even if it lacks a commercial Pop structure achieves to capture with its subtlety and kindness. Driven by the desire to innovate and communicate the beauty of life and its changes, Tomás is a young promise to Rap music and, even more, a light to be found in the darkest of struggles.

“I love being able to transmit powerful information that has the potential to change people’s minds (and therefore their lives) with the force that making music allows us. It is a way of reaching the deepest part of people and I think that with this song I have been lucky to be able to touch some hearts.

In short, Ciclos was a challenge, an outlet, and, above all, a vehicle to transmit the ideas that I think are most important to face life and its changes.” – Tomás Segura

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