Willow Woodward “Daybreak EP”

Willow Woodward is a young singer-songwriter, who has already achieved plenty as an only 18 years old artist. She has previously released a debut album with two singles of it receiving radio play around the globe. The success lies behind her catchy fresh as a morning breeze pop songwriting and soft evocative vocals, combining dreamy soundscapes with dancy celebrating energy bound to get your feet tapping.

Willow returns with her newest release – an EP titled “Daybreak” that’s home for 6 tracks with total runtime of 18 minutes. The album was brought to life in collaboration with seasoned artists Tim Curry and Craig Wilson, Maggie Snow’s keyboardist Micah Snow as well as Kyle Puccia, who provided his own take of “Fade”. As a result, the EP has grown to have a much softer, melancholic, and more emotive sound than the previous debut album, which was bursting with popping energy.

“I wrote many of these songs on the guitar during the lockdown phase of the pandemic. My songwriting mood was reflective, and I found the storytelling framework and melancholy sound of acoustic country music to be a perfect fit creatively. When it came time to record the songs, my dream was to follow through on the original inspiration for the music and bring it to life with country musicians. I feel incredibly lucky and humbled to have realized that dream by collaborating with an all-star cast of genius Nashville musicians whose past work with Taylor Swift and Maggie Rogers I so admire. They breathed all the colors of the morning into the tracks, supporting and lifting the lyrics into the perfect evocative sound. I hope you’ll ride along with me on this musical journey into the light, into my Daybreak.”

Willow Woodward

The EP starts with “Fade”, a song like a memory of a summer day it looks back to. Echoing guitars in the background bring a sense of crystalline atmosphere to the song. “Closed Book” follows with a soft cozy sound, a song that feels like being wrapped in plaid as thoughts wander in the soothing melodies. “Daybreak”, the EP’s title track brings forth slow introspective soundscapes with an immense amount of depth under the floor.

“Hardest On Ourselves” continues the introspective flow with a wintery feel, sounding nearly magical at it. “Way We Were” floats in a slightly hazy granular atmosphere and incorporates some of that powerful ballad energy in strong piano chords and percussion. The last song is Kyle Puccia’s vision of “Fade”, a remix bringing out all of its electropop potential with sliced vocals, ending the otherwise emotionally evocative release with a catchy beat.

“Daybreak EP” provides plenty of summery melodies to get through the winter, whilst also fitting the melancholy mood that surrounds the dark cold times. A lovely little release for anyone who loves the gentle nature of pop-infused with indie songwriter vibes!

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