Angelina Luzi “I Remain You Remain”

Two lovers separated due to inevitable forces is a source of serious heartbreak. Angelina Luzi has gone through that and wrote a song carefully working through the desolating feelings. This single is now out – an emotive ballad of letting go.

Angelina Luzi is an Italian artist now based in London who creates evocative vocal-driven works. Earlier this year she started a new genre-bridging project with a single “Beast”. Combining elements of electronica, experimental music, and many more, Angelina builds haunting soundscapes full of emotion. There’s a rawness in feelings woven into intricate layers represented by both her singing style and accompanying sounds, and heart-wrenching honesty in lyrics carried by her voice.

“Expect ethereal but passionate arrangements, heartbreaking lyrics, a fine mix of electronica and emotive folk cello lines, a style that is very distinctive of Angelina Luzi.”

The dark emotive sound of the new project continues today with her newest single “I Remain You Remain“. It’s a cinematic song dripping with that distinct pain of imminent separation. Tastefully combining orchestral bits with intimate electronic soundscapes, the cello backed by watery gloom brings forth the depressing sadness from the inability to alter or stop the time. The atmosphere feels pure, chilly, and damp from sorrow, and also powerful. A strong ballad of facing the emotions and surrendering to the inevitable.

“I was in a small flat in London on a rainy evening, with a person at the time very close to my heart, days before his departure. What started out as a collage of words, an experiment for a possible new songs soon turned into a text that was revealing my true feelings about that moment. I was revisiting the times that had gone by so quickly that I just wanted for it to stop. I wanted to keep close this impossible romance. I did not feel anger but just sadness and painful surrender to an inevitable ending, an impossible romance”

Angelina Luzi

The future of Angelina Luzi holds plenty more to come, as she is currently working on a new solo album to be released in 2022. The captivating all-encompassing nature of her songs will definitely be a great joy for anyone loving music with a cinematic atmosphere and strong female vocals!

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