Bones In Butter – “Never Without You”

Bones In Butter has a very particular way to surprise us as listeners every time. This band, which you’d think inclines mostly towards post-punk, has a fascinating ability to deliver smooth, heart-warming songs.

This time, the Serbian group delighted us with a single that pretty much seems to be sung by a young Leonard Cohen, or by, as a SoundCloud user particularly noticed, Hugh Jackman. Very few bands have this peculiar characteristic of writing music and songs so different from one other and still managing to keep their individual essence. The essence that defines them as a whole.

While I was listening to “Never Without You“, all I could think about is France, I’m not sure why, it just gave me that vibe. An old, war-torn France that, even after all the damage, manages to stand tall and proud, with its lovers holding hands, never letting go.

A vibrant intro leads to a beautiful composition, a magical guitar solo, and choir-like, heavenly vocals layered together to create a dream-like harmony. “Nothing and nowhere without you / Nothing and never without you” the song sings, ever so romantic. So pure, so nostalgic. Just a bit sad. But definitively gorgeous.

Also, their Lou Reed’s influence makes a very evident appearance.

I had the opportunity to ask a couple of questions to Bones In Butter, trying to get a deeper sense of what they’re all about. You can read their answers right here, only in Less Than 1000:

1.- First of all, I’m very curious about your band’s name origins. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Sure, but don’t be disappointed because there is no deeper meaning behind it 🙂 I had already written a few songs but hadn’t thought about a band name, yet. So one evening I was watching the TV crime show “Bones”, about this forensic anthropologist who solves complicated murder
cases, when suddenly the name “Bones in Butter” came to mind and I just thought: Hey, now this has a nice ring to it… True story 🙂

2.- As an artist, I always struggle with wanting to make different kinds of music, but end up insecure about what people might think or say. I guess I don’t want people to get confused with the kind of music I make. You don’t seem to have that problem. How do you manage, for example, to create a vast diversity of music without losing what defines you?

Personally, I believe that a good musician can find their way through any music regardless of genre, and that is at least something that I’ve been striving for. I often find a good challenge in figuring out my way around different kinds of music, and in collaborating with different artists.
I’m aware that not one person would enjoy all the different projects that I’ve been a part of, but I
believe that everybody can find something to their taste within my portfolio. And I like to think that maybe my contribution to different projects helps break down boundaries in terms of classifications, and maybe reinforces the notion that all of that is still just another portion of good music!

In my case it’s all about intuition and a healthy disregard for prevalent trends in pop music or genres. And also a lack of a decent formal musical training, which in my case turned out to be a benefit. I think these characteristics facilitate my workflow and also create the diversity you mention. Oh yeah, there’s selfishness, too, as I tend to make music I would want to hear when I turn on the radio 🙂 It all boils down to the fact that I am probably older than the average pop musician and do not depend on our music as a source of income. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy if our music reached as many people as possible, I’d even love to have a huge commercial success with it. It’s just that I would never want to have to sacrifice my freedom as an artist for this.

3.- Finally, I feel fascinated by the quality of all your tracks. I understand that you met online, do you record online too? Does one person send the others an idea and then the others work over that? Or do you get together to record the final product?

Yeah – we connected online, and even though few of us are very close friends and often hang out
together – we still do everything online. We all have our own recording setups and sufficient knowledge in music production to be able to be efficient in this regard. Milutin always writes a song and lays down a good foundation for the arrangement, and then he sends different songs in different order to us – so sometimes I’d be the first to contribute to his arrangement; and other times – I’d record the vocals after the drums, bass, guitar and other instruments. So we usually
lay down some additional ideas and harmonic solutions for the others to pick up on them, and at the end – everything usually works out. And I’m a big fan of this approach since I personally like working on the vocal arrangements alone. I feel as I have the least distractions that way, I can take my time to achieve anything I imagine without an external pressure, and I just overall feel that it’s a good practice for self producing and being fully responsible for your own ideas.

Luna has more or less described our MO.
But I really have to stress that even though I write the songs, Luna’s, Todor’s and the other musicians’ contribution and influence have grown so strong that the music of Bones in Butter has developed a certain independence – a life of its own. They are wonderful guys to work with.

Bones In Butter is:

Milutin Krasevic – Vocals, keyboards, music & lyrics / Luna Skopelja – Vocals / Todor Zivkovic – Guitars / Srdjan Popov – Bass, mix & mastering / Marcelo Effori – Drums

Find them on InstagramFacebookTwitterSoundCloud,  YouTube, and Spotify. You can also check out their official websiteIf you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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