Coral Palms infectious & vibrant on “Something In The Air”

Something In The Air” by Coral Palms achieves to captures that exact moment and energy one feels when locking eyes with someone across the dance floor, someone you can tell will stick around in the near future. You know that every now and then comes a band with a cure to all those cheesy pop love songs we are fed on the mainstream level. Whenever we talk about love we talk about the power it holds, and the gravitational pull it wields over our unsuspecting spirits.

As the song advances, we as listeners can imagine the feelings of attraction, the sweaty palms, and the beating heart. The pre-face-to-face encounter that it’s ever so filled with doubt, interest, and emotion. Coral Palms perfectly encompasses this courtship ritual inside a well-thought, well-produced pop/indie rock track.

This four-piece now based in London creates a well-defined addictive sound. Capturing all the energy from the indie rock scene into a single group chasing away bad times with a young spirit and a drive to enjoy life.

Its infectious groove is quickly presented by chugging, smacking guitars, beefy drums, and crunchy bass. Synthesized strings deliver an idea of what’s yet to come. Vocals are soft and sweet with a warm crisp that adds presence. The chorus is vibrant and catchy, lifting the emotions up, filled with chanting background vocals and the swinging rhythm of the drums.

Being this their fourth single up-to-date, Coral Palms is ready to set the mood in the big stages with their warm summer energy and their heavy dose of dopamine.

“A lot of the themes in our lyrics revolve around youthful disarray, angst, and of course romance, but musically, we really just wanted to make tunes that we know we’d bop to at festivals or at a party.” – Coral Palms


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