Graham Coe – “I Love Your Way”

Music may help us express our most profound feelings when words are not enough. Graham Coe’s new release “I Love Your Way” takes this lesson to its core, with a message of love, optimism, security, and happiness. An intimate folk single that travels from your ears directly into your soul.

Graham Coe is a singer-songwriter from Blessington, Ireland. “I Love Your Way” is his third release after the critically acclaimed singles “A Moment in Time” and “Here I Am“. While he is known for his smooth vocal delivery and melodious guitar, Coe’s lyrics are something extraordinary. He manages to move us with everyday words, situations, and gestures that somehow travel directly to our hearts, touching our emotional core. We feel deeply identified with what he is saying and find comfort in his music.

This song was mostly written when I was away on holidays in the beautiful County of Donegal, Ireland. My wife is actually from there, so I think she was a good inspiration for this song. It’s a song about romance, contentment, love, and security. It’s about that unbridled happiness and strength that comes with meeting someone who takes you as you are and is happy to share in life’s ever-complex emotional pathways. I’ll be releasing a four-track EP over the next few months and I’m very excited for everyone to do that also.

Graham Coe

“I Love Your Way” is a song about finding your other half: that person where you feel the safest around, whom you know you can rely upon when you need it. A special someone whose embrace seems to be tailor-made for you, and vice versa. Graham Coe expresses these emotions over a track of guitar and piano which enhance his tender delivery. Everything in the track seems to fall exactly where it needs to. It just feels right.

“I Love Your Way” is a touching single that marks the expertise Graham Coe has been building throughout his career. Give it a listen if you want to warm your heart and, if you enjoyed it, make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming EP!

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