LOWTYDE – “GARDEN OF THE GODS” feat Roseblud, Theo Wild

As a rapper, connecting with a beat isn’t always easy. But when it happens, the magic starts to flow. Such is the fearless spirit of Lowtyde’s new single, a track that stands loud and proud, auguring his return, and promising his eternal stay.

With the collaboration of two amazing artists who happen to be Lowtyde’s good friends, the song flows easily and seamlessly in a slow tide of groove and bars that spitfire. The soft instrumentation of guitars, piano, and bells deliver a strong feeling of resilience, powered up with the deep kick and the rumbly bass.

Garden of the Gods” found its name after Lowtyde’s trip to Colorado Springs, USA. Impressed by its natural beauty, the rapper found the name perfect for the song. A song that gets the artist back to his roots, to the reason he fell in love with rap in the first place.

Although the song’s lyrics can be defined as “typical rap bravado stuff“, the way the verses align with each other in harmony, grace, and style makes this track so delightful and very satisfying to listen to. Roseblud’s hook is clever and thought-provoking. Lowtyde’s voice is gritty and filled with slick verses and cool references to JID and Slick Rick. Theo’s verse is graceful and skillful. C Medina’s beat skips and stops every now and then, shaking us off our feet for a brief instance, before kindly returning us home.

“The song came together over the span of two months after endless mixes and waiting for Theo to finish his verse… but it was well worth the wait. The energy for this track is contagious and it may be my favorite release to date.

I also have an album announcement coming shortly after the release of this track.” – Lowtyde

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