Simulated Youth – “NBT feat. Camoragi (Redux)”

The journey through electronic music is always a very vast and never ending one. One never knows what one might find in the wide variety of artists available nowadays. Luckily, the music created by Detroit based producer and artist, Simulated Youth stands out with a more than interesting mix of modern and classic production techniques, with a thought-provoking and futuristic approach.

With a rumble kick proper of the underground Techno night clubs of Ibiza or Berlin, “NBT – Redux“s techno elements achieve to captivate our attention quickly and to the point. After an anticipating intro of wobbling synths and foggy ambience, the fast paced track smoothly transitions into a tight groove that shines with its simplicity.

But achieving functional simplicity isn’t simple at all. Here, the artist takes advantage of his story-telling resources, a skill that not every electronic producer has. Within the song, he tells the platonic love story between the actual song and its creator… The music itself falls in love with the one who made it. Kinda the reverse version of “Her”, that famous movie directed by that famous director. Score one for the carbon-based beings. To the creator, the song is just “one more bass track”, and the song slowly and happily accepts its fate.

I’d like to remark on the beauty of the track’s vocals. Processed very finely and tastefully, making its presence stand out and giving that robotic feel to Salvadoran singer, Camoragi’s voice. I’ve fallen in love with a track multiple times, but never have I felt that a track is in love with me and that’s what makes this piece unique.

Simulated Youth released the original NBT on March 5, and this remastered version features new vocal lines in addition to various instrumental changes. With this new version, SY provides a louder and more memorable listening experience than originally.

The next track after this one is called ”Pineappl Banana,” it has wacky yet catchy lyrics and a fun energetic vibe that may be a bit different than my previous material, but that’s all right because I’m trying to grow my audience. I’ve already finished recording the music video for Pineapple Banana which will come out the day of release, December 31. The video is just as fun as this song, and includes a lot of stop motion animation style filming.” – SY

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