Carley Varley “Miss Me?”


Carley Varley vocalizes everyone’s worries and thoughts after seeing someone effectively move on from you in her despondent and emotional single, ‘Miss Me?’.

Back for the third time this year after a successful run with her two previous singles, Dirty Laundry and Going Under, singer-songwriter based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, Carley Barley is showcasing yet another side of her in both the emotional and musical sense. 

The UK rising artist is a master of indie pop and a couple of months ago she surprised listeners with a more upbeat and cheerful side on her song Going Under, fitting for a summer full of joy and excitement. This time for autumn and stretching into the beginning of winter, Varley is going back to creating more emotional and sad music that will still resonate with listeners just as hard as her previous music has done. 

Miss Me? is the second track in Varley’s “Seasons” EP, which suffered a delay due the pandemic, hence the timing at which the song was released. The track is also credited to be Varley’s favorite song from the EP and that she’s ever written.

A song on separation and the thoughts that stem from it, Miss Me? poses the question of the weight we hold on someone’s heart — if we take up as much of their thoughts as they do ours, if our presence is a painful void in their lives, and if we are still together in the grief of us parting ways. 

Carley Varley brings those worries to life in her song, as well as when she explains the experience that led her to writing the melancholic track. 

“[The song] was written a few years ago now; I wrote it about a friend who had moved on with their life, and after we used to be together everyday, it felt like they almost didn’t really care that I was quite absent from their life anymore. The song could easily be about a break-up and many think it is! But it is actually about a friendship growing distant.”

A “break up”, per se, is painful regardless of the type of emotions that held it together; whether it be a dear friendship or a passionate romance, witnessing someone walk away from the “us” you had been used to will bring forth feelings of pain, betrayal, or hurt. While experiencing the avalanche of emotions, the present blank in your routine is a reminder of what you’ve lost and could never get back. 

Miss Me? achieves an ambience of sorrow and torment through the addition of indie and alternative elements on its original solely acoustic sound. With a simple but pleasing guitar humming since the beginning, an equivalent of a person going through their life day by day, the sudden inclusion of the drums and bass (among other elements) bring a loud splash of action onto the track, just like the ever coming changes in our lives and the emotions caused by them. 

All throughout, Miss Me? maintains itself as a relatively calm song, fitting right at home under the umbrella terms of Sad Indie Girl and the seasonally fitting Sad Girl Autumn. Written as an emotional outlet for Varley, two years later the same song is ready to help others go through similar situations and provide comfort in the fact that these things happen, and there’s no choice but to learn and move on. 

Carley Varley has plans to release two more songs — respectively titled ‘Fall’ and ‘Shore’, as well as an acoustic version of Miss Me?, in the upcoming 2022, so fans of her discography won’t have to wait for long to hear more from Varley again. Her other plans for the future are the completion of her next EP, which is currently in the works, and to take whatever opportunities the future presents for her.

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