Top 100 Tracks 2021 (28-20)

Hi, this is November’s last week, after this one, we only have two more and this countdown would be over, right now 81 tracks so far (over 5 hours of music) that IMHO is some of the best discoveries that I find this year and I’m so happy to share it with you one more time, maybe you’re there with us at the moment we publish these articles, but maybe not, so here you have it to enjoy it for the very first time or to revisit them one more time.

When I was listening to these songs I was thinking that they should be on the TOP10 but then I remember that these are all my favorite 100 and that I constantly remind that this is an exercise that I love to do for fun, a recap and that there’s no really an order, so I love to hit the random button when I listen to particularly this playlist but you can choose your favorite way to listen to it.

Once again my friends I wish you have an extraordinary weekend and enjoy the music, keep rocking, keep supporting, keep streaming!!!

You can check previous installments here (100-92), (91-83), (82-74), (73-65), (64-56)(55-47), and (46-38), and (37-29)

Important to mention that all these artists were “Less Than 1,000 Followers” on Spotify at the time we publish their article (except The Oscillation, they’re already over but I’m sure you can forgive me, right?. Why? Because Demian is a really damn good musician), some of them still are but others just jump over and we hope all made it sooner or later.   

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