Arin- “Rome”

What makes falling in love exciting is that we often find ourselves in love with people we don’t always expect. We find ourselves in relationships that make us extremely happy for the moment it last. “Even though we know it won’t last forever”, says Arin’s new single “Rome“, which narrates a love affair between two friends that, in spite of only lasting a weekend, is exciting while it lasts. A playful, jumpy track that guarantees a good time.

“Rome!” comes after the release of Arin’s previous single “Obvious”. In this new electro-pop track, Arin experiments with synths to build an emotional trip around the Italian capital. His synths build up nostalgia with their sounds as if we were remembering our trip with that special someone. As falling in love, “Rome!” is exciting, unexpected. At first, the track seems moody, but later, as Arin narrates the experiences of the relationship, it picks up the pace, setting up a club-like beat that makes us want to dance all night. Arin’s characteristic, mellow voice injects the track with an extra spice of emotion. We feel the longing for the fleeting moments that stay in our minds for the rest of our life.

“So a little backstory for the song is that it was actually conceptualized and written in a day. It was based off of a close friends encounter with her best friend falling in love with her. It’s the final single release before my EP release in January!!” -Arin

“Rome!” shows Arin’s mastery of his own sound to create emotional tracks that make us want to dance alongside our emotions. The final track before the release of his EP makes us excited about the future. What more can come from this EP? If “Rome!” is any indication, it will surely have some bangers!

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