Hannah Dorman “Fake Heartache”

Anyone in the dating scene has probably felt how their self-image becomes wobbly after a hard decision or some other incident. It’s not a severe feeling, but it can be quite distracting, keeping you from seeing the truth of things. “Fake Heartache” is a song based on the aftermath of ending a not-so-serious relationship. Instead of wilting away in the sadness, this song tells you to stand tall – read on to learn more about this motivation single!

Hannah Dorman, hailing from Surrey, is a singer-songwriter making free-flowing rock sounds shining with the glam of pop. She’s been releasing music for over 10 years and when she’s not writing or performing, she’s creating new videos to upload on YouTube and Tiktok. Inspired by the likes of Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson, and The Pretty Reckless, there’s a load of unbreakable energy in her music that runs between the homey country vibes and in her strong emotive vocals. Genre-crossing songs combining the best of rock, pop, country, and emotional songwriting.

“My music is upbeat, relatable and fun with a hint of sass and the lyrics can be interpreted in multiple ways!”

Hannah Dorman

“Fake Heartache” is her newest single. A strong statement of self-love, it’s a song that runs a powerful sound. It brings the victorious power ballad-like emotive lyricism and vocals into atmospheric rock, bringing forth the determined feeling of growing stronger. Even if there is a semblance of sadness between the notes, the song soars much higher than that. Those almost-seducing parts saying “I’m not your average girl” are followed by a sky-high chorus so full of self-respect and realization of what’s really important. Quite an inspiration.

“I wrote this song about that feeling you have after you stop talking to someone or stop dating (when it’s not been very serious) and you still feel a bit down about it but you’re not actually heartbroken. “Time after time you opened my eyes but oh I couldn’t see, you weren’t looking for me.
It’s all about how you learn to love yourself when you’re single and how you realise your self worth “I’m not your average girl I ain’t gunna promise you the world” and “but oh what can I say, I’ve taken your place” saying I now love myself and I’m putting my energy into me.”

Hannah Dorman

This song carries a boost of confidence in yourself nicely packaged in captivating lyrics and catchy instrumentation. It’s a must-listen for anyone doubting in their self-worth, for the single will pick up that feeling and shatter it like sugar glass in movies, motivate the listener and remind of the inner strength and importance of loving yourself for who you are.

Plus – it’s a well-written song I’d call iconic at its power.

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