Very few bands have come up with a concept that is as unique and good as it is funny. Unicorns have always had a very special place inside our imagination but we never thought to live up to see the day they made a band. I Am The Unicorn Head is back with a new single that leaves behind the odd time signatures but keeps their fantasy-driven spirit.

A tribute to Godzilla’s film from the ’60s, “Unicorn Of Death” (Pre-save NOW!!!) tells the story of a peaceful unicorn who’s been abducted and experimented on. A tragic tale of a once happy fantastic mammal that is now a killing machine with lasers on its head, and a microchip to make it follow every command.

Despite its efforts, the unlucky unicorn is now at the mercy of the sinister beings who abducted him but wishing only love and affection.

The story is accompanied by what seems like an 80’s electronic-influenced track. Swinging drums and echoing choruses remind us of the epic hymn that is “Never Ending Story”. Swirling synths and stuttering bass makes this track vibrate in a seamless loop of tragedy and fiction, but the uplifting chorus makes our dear unicorn friend’s fate a little more bearable.

I had the amazing opportunity of getting a couple of questions answered to me by the great Unicorn Head itself, and you can read them here, only in Less Than 1000:

By the way, in case you missed their previous releases you can find them here: Eating Cornbread In Quarantine, Omnipresent.

1.- I’ve been waiting for this moment to come, I’ve always wondered how the name “I Am The Unicorn Head ” came to life. Could you tell us more about it? Why and how did you come up with this concept?

 We wanted an image and name that were instantly memorable. As we record remotely across the Atlantic, we can’t feature together in videos or photo shoots, so we had to get creative!

2.- There’s a notable difference of styles in all of your songs: progressive, psychedelia, and now electronica. How do you communicate with each other when writing a new song in order to not lose track of where you’re going as a band? What has been your workflow up till now?  

We never worry about where we are going as a band. We have wide musical tastes, and simply make music that we enjoy listening to ourselves. When others like our music as well, it’s a lovely feeling. We don’t recognize the need to stick to any genre or boundaries. We both play multiple instruments, so one of us will come up with an original part-written song, and the other one then develops it, and finishes it off. It’s a really enjoyable way to work!

3.- I understand that your full album will be released soon. Could you tell us a bit more about what we can expect from it? Are the odd-time signatures coming back?

The album will have catchy chorus-laden tracks, and also more complicated tracks as well. The last track on the album is a nine-minute-long epic, and yes the odd time signatures make a return on that one!

We will continue releasing a few more singles, and release our debut album ‘Future Dinosaurs’ at some stage in the new year. As we are a relatively new band, we’d like to build the biggest following we can before releasing the album.

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