Ollie Twohill- “Boots”

Society puts pressure on us on how we should act, how we should think, and what we should aim to be. But sometimes these expectations don’t really line up with what we want to be. Australian singer Ollie Twohill’s new pop-rock single, “Boots” is a song about pursuing our dreams no matter what is expected of us. A light, optimistic single that inspires us to follow our own chosen path.

Ollie Twohill began to sing before he could talk. Based on Northern Rivers in New South Wales, Australia, the 22-year-old has been playing in live venues for the past five years. His sound is built upon a combination of folk, pop-punk, and pop-folk, with influences such as Green Day, Blink-182, John Butler, John Mayer, Foo Fighters, Jet, Neck Deep, and Avril Lavinge. The past 18 months of lockdown inspired him to write a single about escaping what is expected of us. “Boots” was recorded on Gold Coast Queensland in Australia with Twohill in vocals and guitar, Dylan J. Smith producing, and siblings Blair Hamilton and Lawson Hamilton in the bass and the drums, respectively.

“Boots” carries a light and upbeat sound that mixes the instruments of folk with the energy of pop-punk with his guitar and voice being the main driving forces of the track. Even though there is a calm delivery in Twohill’s vocals, “Boots” makes a challenge of what is expected of either genre. In a way, Ollie Twohill’s music follows the ethos of the song. His music is made in his own style, leaving the pressure of singing about certain themes or following a certain sound. His music is one built on honesty and personal expression, confessional, intimate, and inspiring.

Ollie Twohill’s musical career has only gone upwards. “Boots” is the first release of three upcoming singles. With “Boots”, Twohill has found an exciting way for himself, which he will surely follow in the future. An interesting road for fans to follow alongside him!

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