Rosie Langley “Love”

“Tiny coffins are the heaviest to carry.”

Rosie Langley is a singer-songwriter writing gentle emotional songs with deeply personal themes. Shimmering beautiful symphonic elements join moody alt soundscapes, creating an intricate vision of life and all of its hardships and little moments of beauty. Rosie is also a violinist and has toured for artists like ELO, Kano, and Elbow. The emotionally lush sound of strings features in her own music too along with piano, offering a powerful foundation to her vocals, beautiful and sad.

Her newest single is “Love“, a song featuring somber string segments on the soft piano melodies. There is an immeasurable amount of love and affection weaved into the instrumentals and in her singing voice. There’s a sense of calm stillness in the song especially in the beginning, and the song softly evolves with angelic backing vocals leading to the chorus of love. The whole single feels like a lullaby for the lost one.

“Love” is part of her upcoming album “Otherhood”, an autobiographical introspective release touching the themes of grief, struggles of motherhood, love, and disappointment caused by circumstances. Written after prematurely losing her son, the single, as well as the album, carries a lot of heavy-hearted thoughts – a catharsis of everything that came crushing down following a tragedy.

It’s a beautiful single with a very sad origin. I’m sure “Love” will reach out into the hearts to offer solace for anyone who has lost a loved one, especially a child.

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