Although we’ve advanced as humans sometimes it’s still difficult to see any progress in terms of our acceptance of one another. Whether it’s religion, race, or sexuality, there always seems to be one thing that disconnects us from each other and sparks the light of controversy and quarrel. Swansinger’s new single reminds us all that sometimes is better to walk the long path of forgiveness than to live in a life of resentment.

The Word And The Damage Done” is a folk-rock song with an almost southern approach to its sound. Acoustic and mellow, the track speaks softly but with clarity and poignant lyrics. A song that creates a sense of devotion and that kindly pushes us towards a clearer head and closer to each other.

Searching for answers, Swansinger urges us to “take a break” from all the distortion and to embrace the art of forgiveness in a world where cancel culture is becoming so popular.

The Word and the Damage Done is ultimately about forgiveness and serves as a reflection of what is happening in the present moment where the world is developing a culture of canceling rather than understanding, denigration rather than embracing, duplicity rather than truth.” Swansinger

Influenced by a contrasting list of artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Porcupine Tree, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, this band, created by Joe Montalvo and Brian Strean, started their musical journey back in 2001, got separated in 2010, and reunited after a long 12-year hiatus. You can rest assured that new singles and EPs are on the horizon.

The song presents a fluent and variant composition, a quick change here and there, adding or removing elements, to keep the listener entertained. Lyrics speak with harsh truth but nonetheless poetic and rewarding. You can expect a mild dose of smacking drums, spontaneous bells, and some final horns inspired by the English Beat.

“The Word and the Damage Done” is a song solely rooted in forgiveness and the extreme conscientious effort it takes in doing so. With all the racism, denigration, and destruction in the world currently happening, one word can either define a positive path of change or lead us all down a road of more self-destruction.” – Swansinger

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