Coffee House Anarchists- Separated by the Sea (Pt. 1)

Coffee House Anarchists’ seventh album Separated by the Sea (Pt. 1) contains dark, moody, tracks which reflect the images of the stories that the lyrics narrate: Stories full of emotion with twists and turns. The album is an interesting and successful effort to rescue the traditional folk genre and give it a twist with modern music production methods. Separated by the Sea (Pt. 1) contains sounds that a listener has never heard before, immersing them in uncharted territory, eager to be explored.

Coffee House Anarchists was formed by two English brothers that played together since they were young. Later, they moved to the South of France, where they were joined by a French bass player. At first, they focused on a more traditional rock sound, but as their career progressed, they have been developing their sound and experimenting with different music recording/production methods. The band has since then recorded six albums and four singles, finding success on streaming platforms. Each of these albums has a special, dedicated sound: Coffee House Anarchists pride themselves on constantly changing their sound and never recording the same album twice. This allows the band to push their creative limits to the max. Separated by the Sea (Pt. 1) is a statement to this approach.

As the name suggests, it’s a two-part album that started as a few drops in the ocean and developed into a tsunami, unlike anything we have previously done before. We were experimenting with traditional folk and trying to bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Our previous album called Simon Says Party was a fun party album Separated by the Sea is more a ‘coming of age album. It’s deeper, darker, more emotional, more thought-provoking but at the same time has all the signature CHA moves. Simply put, they are like two sides of the same coin in the gig bag of a busker. –Coffee House Anarchists

Separated by the Sea (Pt. 1) is an album that recollects songs that seem to take inspiration from the oceanside. Coffee House Anarchists create through echoes, drones, distortion, and a direct vocal delivery a dark atmosphere that sets the mood to each of the tracks: the mysticism of “Beneath the Willow Tree”, the melancholia of “Spanish Ladies”, the sadness of “Slow Ships”, the anger of “3.1.24” and the playfulness of “Sumer Is Icumen In”. The dark atmosphere and the lyrics tie together a unique selection of otherwise heterogeneous songs. While divergent, all of the tracks of the album tackle the sea in one way or the other, being through their lyrics, style, or origin.

Coffee House Anarchists also experiments with the genre itself. The band decided to use modern production methods to tackle a not so common genre nowadays: traditional folk. Separated by the Sea (Pt.1) contains everything from a more traditional alt-rock track to sea shanties. Coffee House Anarchists are not afraid of experimenting with their own creative freedom even in the same album, which allows a contrast between the tracks to be evident. Listening to the album becomes something exciting to the listener as they don’t know what to expect next or the direction the album is going to take.

Separated by the Sea (Pt.1) is something completely new and interesting from Coffee House Anarchists’ previous work. A dark, enjoyable album that takes the old to make it something new. Coffee House Anarchists always produces something unexpected that is exciting to listen to. Give them a listen!

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