Lost Club- Holding on to You

Lost Club, also known as Nick Garcia, has released a second EP now named Saudade! This new EP centers around the themes of the nostalgia of love. Falling in love and falling out of love, take the center stage of the EP; what Lost Club does with Saudade is write a collection of songs that fondly remember relationships. He uses great instrumentation that blends sharp synths with echoey guitars, the vocals are full of emotion and personal expression. Hearing Saudade makes a familiar sound that completely attracts our attention come to our mind. One that had lived in the back of our minds without us really noticing, as if we suddenly recognized from within a crowd a face from long ago that we thought we had forgotten.

The five songs that make up Saudade cover different stages of romantic relationships. The first of these tracks is “Alone”, which we have previously covered in this blog. “Alone” talks about the moments we are unsure which type of relationship we have with that certain someone and if we should continue on that road. “Rubber” may as well serve as its foil. It sings about finding that someone’s presence is essential to us. We never want to leave their side “Won’t you stay with me?”. But, two people can’t be together, at least in the physical sense. The next track “Holding on to You”, is about how our special someone may not be in the same space with us, but will always be on our minds and our dreams. “Stella” casts self-doubt in the relationship, as we wonder if we will ever be enough for our partner: “Are you certain that you won’t regret?”. However, Saudade ends in a reassuring note with “Wash” as we promise them that we will be with them even in the worse of times.

But, how exactly does one sing when we sing about love? Lost Club’s characteristic sounds of synths, drums, and guitars full of echo make us remember sounds from the past, slightly similar to 80’s love ballads. As such, the tracks of Saudade carry within themselves a nostalgic tone. But the modern production allows for a more contemporary approach. Each guitar, each synth, is fine-tuned, allowing for a freedom that was not possible before. Lost Club’s instruments thus become extremely versatile. Each track from the EP allows them to shine in different ways. From the high energy, guitar-led “Alone” to the more calm, synth ballad “Stella”, they allow covering different emotions and moods with only slight variations made to them. Their interactions have diverse results for each track. For example, the synths and guitars in “Holding on to You” serve to build a calm atmosphere that recalls nighttime, while does in “Wash” are used to carefully build little by little what will be the climax of the track. Lost Club’s versatility also extends to the vocals. Garcia’s vocals are emotional, personal, and impactful. His delivery is calm and straightforward, which gives the lyrics and the music a sense of honesty. They shine in each of the tracks, in which they allow his emotions to shine through. We form a personal connection as feels as he was an old friend telling us about his life.

Lost Club’s second EP Saudade is emotional and versatile. It is able to cover all of the different emotions we feel when falling in love from doubt to comfort. Each track is characteristic in its own way. If one is in love (or not), one will find with each of them exactly something that they will like. Saudade has something for everyone.

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