JP Sunga “Dirty Water”

“You are too concerned about what was…” It’s a part of what Oogwai told to a very discouraged Po, and I’m sure it can also be applied to many of us. Today’s single will also tell that through soul-lifting melodies showing the exhilaration of letting go of the past and embracing yourself as you are. If you struggle with pain from the past or just look for ridiculously uplifting songs, look no further!

JP Sunga is a Canadian singer-songwriter, making indie-pop full of emotion and genre-crossing energy. His music is where gentle, soft, and introspective moments combined with messages from the heart meet a huge burst of motivation and influence. JP Sunga seems to be equally at home writing beautiful ballads as well as dancy pop tunes. Whichever style he picks to write in, the songs won’t fail to seek the path right to the listeners, aiming to empower, heal and bring a smile to everyone’s faces. His works have rightfully earned recognition and multiple award nominations.

His newest single is no different – “Dirty Water” comes loaded with emotion and uplifting melodies. The song aims towards the skies and mountain tops right from the beginning with marching percussion, vibrant sounds, and his sunny vocals. The uplifting feeling is elevated even further in the choruses, and especially when STEM Music joins in with the gospel choir backing vocals. At this point the song really becomes heavenly.

Ecstatic singing “Let the water flow!” quite directly inspires to let go of the past, and let all the bad things that happened flow away. It’s a strong song about allowing yourself to accept who you are, to heal from the hurt, and make amends with your past mistakes, so you can embrace a new day with open arms and confidence. The song also features a video illustrating the song’s message with a boy wandering around in the forest, and beautiful scenes on the clifftop and waterfall.

Besides being extremely inspiring, the single has more exciting news – it is also part of an upcoming debut album. The artist shares a little more about what he’s up to and what motivates him the most:

“I’m currently finishing work on my first full-length album. If you look at the four singles I’ve released from this album (Listen To Your Heart, For Your Sympathy, In My Bones, and Dirty Water), you’ll quickly hear how different each song is from one another. This is a great representation of what the album will be like, and what listeners can expect from me going forward; music that is free from the boundaries of any one genre, and music that will usually dive a lot deeper than what it appears to be on the surface. I really enjoy mixing things up and experimenting with various sounds and styles, but still remaining pop-oriented in my writing. I’m hoping to release at least 2 more singles next year before dropping the album in its entirety. So lots more to come! Everyone can follow along by subscribing to any/all of my social platforms :-)”

JP Sunga

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