Clifford- “I’m So Bored”

Boredom is something everyone in this world has felt at least once in their lifetime. When you least expect it, it strikes and is very difficult to get rid of. But, in a certain sense, boredom may serve as the last push necessary for us to get up on our feet and finally do something, like making music, for example. In his new single “I’m So Bored”, American singer-songwriter Clifford takes this everyday emotion and pumps it with energy to transform it into a banger, high-energy track.

Clifford draws inspiration from various sources. From Coldplay to Johnny Cash, David Bowie to Earth Wind and Fire, his sound takes hints from bands of various genres to present a mix of something new yet completely personal. As such, his music is able to deliver distinct emotions “I’m So Bored” is his latest release after  “Love Is Real”. Highly inspired by Drum and Bass and R&B, this new single tackles the issue of boredom in a relatable way.

For a track inspired by boredom, “I’m So Bored” is anything but boring. Clifford’s bass and drums pull no punches. They hit us like a truck since the beginning of the track, as they ramp with each passing moment. More instruments join in the mix, as the track grows in intensity. Clifford’s haunting vocals let out all of the accumulated rage caused by boredom, making our blood flow through our veins.

“I’m So Bored” is a track that takes boredom as a starting point to advance to transform it into something new, relatable that goes hard. Clifford proves that his style is evolving and can go further beyond what we can really expect. Give it a listen if you want to get rid of your own boredom!

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