Dune Dogs – “Citrus”

A refreshing spectacle delivered by new blood. These younglings have achieved quick success with their previous releases, and now, their brand new track “Citrus” is once again proof of the suave capacities of this Massachusetts band, the Dune Dogs.

A night at the beach, the soft waves crashing against each other by the shore. A Habana club, warmed by its heat and its sweaty attendants. Cocktails under the moon. The alluring fragrance of lovers flooding the air. Truly a night of remembrance. Such is the perceived scene of “Citrus”.

Swinging drums set the pace, the Bass reggae groove remains calm and steady. Guitars lay the melody as the pleasing vocals tell a story of being left behind by a friend and deciding to move forward: “I won’t wait for you, so long…”. Mysterious and elegant, the smooth track starts to fade out, featuring dialogue from renowned East Coast surfer, Ben Gravy. 

Producer Josh Gold polished the track. It’s inevitable to feel the chemistry between these high school friends. Nick Bernarducci (lead vocals), Nick Brescio (lead guitar), Beau Colvin (bass, keyboard), and Ben Buckley (drums) are on a mission to create music that is in no way similar to the mainstream. An alternative beach-rock band. Yes, please.

Plans of releasing a new full-length album are on the go. In the meantime, delight yourself with all the catalog they already have for us!

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