LÖNA “I Never Wanna See You Again”

LÖNA shows the dark and dangerous perspective of an abandoned lover following a betrayal in their deluxe track, ‘Never Wanna See You Again’.

Made up by dutch twin sisters Madelon and Danielle Bruinhof, LÖNA is a synthpop duo with a dark ambience, echoing stellar vocals, icy synths, and reverbing guitars that touches upon heartbreak, slut-shaming, LGBT+ representation, and other personal experiences, never afraid of touching sore spots and highlighting what’s wrong in today’s society. 

Sharing a blood relation and love for music, the identical twins have been together in several bands since their childhood, though it was only until the creation of LÖNA in 2019 that the pair found their sound and musical identity. The name of the duo is inspired by their trip to Iceland a year prior to LÖNA’s birth, with the word meaning “valuable” in Scandinavian. 

Part of their self-titled debut EP (released July 9), Never Wanna See You Again – Strings Version is a deluxe track. The new EP, released on the third of December, contains 3 songs, being vocals-and-strings-only versions of their tracks.  

Being part of an EP that places women as the centre piece, from discussing their struggles and disadvantages in society to the way they feel and express themselves outwardly, Never See You Again continues the theme by exploring a woman’s anger and insatiable desire for revenge, amidst all the other overflowing emotions, after a broken promise of love. The track can be considered the “bad ending” of a romance, or a more sombre version of another one of their tracks, ‘I Should Break Up With You’. 

An emotive symphony, Never Wanna See You Again marks the last page of a chapter in a relationship. Full of deep emotions, resolution shines through the resentment lingering in the words and the melancholic ire that accompanies the instrumental part of the track. 

The repetition of the lyrics are akin to a hammer continuously hitting a nail, making it sink deeper and deeper into its new home. Like the explicit threat in the opening lines, “Watch your back, Or I’ll stab a knife in it”, we are able to picture the wound from which the sisters are rising with resolve, ready to pay back if the situation ever comes. 

Regarding their sound, the twins shared how their fascination for dark pop came to be and what it represents in their art. 

“After we discovered Radiohead at about 15, a lot changed. We both really felt like this music was something more than the pop music on the radio. It had something cold, something dark and unsolved. Discovering Radiohead was kinda the start of our own sound. We experimented a little for a while and eventually came to LÖNA. Which has a Scandinavian, and therefore cold and dark, sound to it (…)”

In their debut EP as well as in the future, LÖNA shows both the “good” and the “bad” of the female experience, celebrating and recognizing both sides in a creative manner. Their feminist viewpoint and the way they dare not sugarcoat the reality we live in, alongside their unique and experimental sound, are destined to draw in new listeners and create their own mark in the world. 

If you enjoyed LÖNA’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out their official website. For social media you can follow their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, accounts. To listen to their music, you can head over to their Spotify profile and Youtube channel, or you can purchase their music at Bandcamp.

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