MiG 15 “Rolling Thunder”

We’re glad to announce that Liverpool, United Kingdom-based indie rock band MiG 15 is about to release a new single this Thursday, December 09 and you can PRE-SAVE NOW!!!, We’re talking about “Rolling Thunder.”

MiG 15 is James McCluskey (bass), Adam Bray (vocals), James Morris (guitar), and Martin Gordon (drums). Inspired by the fighter jets coming and going from the military bases in San Diego, James McCluskey conceptualized MiG 15 growing up as a teenager there. Moving back to Liverpool after completing school, he was introduced by Ann Heston (wife of the late Alan Wills – Deltasonic) to the former Dustland singer, Adam Bray; and after experimenting with their live sound, James Morris and Martin Gordon joined the band as well.

MiG 15 have been working with producers such as Rich Turvey (who has produced for Blossoms) and Tord Knudsen from The Wombats; and having finished major tours supporting OMD in the UK and Europe, and Love Fame Tragedy (Murph from The Wombats) in the UK, the band’s fan base has been growing at a rapid pace.

Never a band to shy away from the big issues, MiG 15’s latest single, “Rolling Thunder,” dives straight into the heavy topic of religion. Arguing that that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, the song is about questioning faith and belief, and a general disdain for religion (“Why should I believe?”). Although the song was written several years ago, it has taken a while to surface. More raucous than their previous material, the song displays a punkier side to the band’s sound, which should connect with a new audience as well as pleasing their current fans. The song also features an excellent new video investigating these themes, premiering today December 08th noon (set your reminder now):

“Rolling Thunder” begins with a delay-laden electric guitar chord progression, driven by the upbeat rhythms of the percussion. Adam Bray’s powerful vocals soon join in for the first verse, while handclaps nicely accompany the drums during the compelling pre-chorus and lead into the track’s catchy chorus with swirling walls of distortion. Nicely building on the energy of the chorus, the second verse features a gritty, distorted bassline that complements the driving percussion quite well. A fiery electric guitar solo after the second chorus leads perfectly into a bridge before “Rolling Thunder’’’s chorus repeats once more, the track ultimately culminating with its captivating guitar lead. “Rolling Thunder” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting MiG 15’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie- and alternative rock alike. 

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