Music and literature have shared a strong bond for a very long time, but very few times do we come across a whole literature story linked with its musical partner. This artist from Chatham, UK has managed to create a whole fantasy world that will be musically portrayed in his upcoming EP, and “Luna: The Invisible Irony” is its first chapter.

Beautifully constructed and wittily written, “Luna: The Invisible Irony,” tells the fantastic story of a boy, a moon-light girl, and a monster called Uncertainty. As the story goes, the boy escapes the city of Reality and wanders off to the city of Dreams and Happiness, where the monster Uncertainty starts to chase him. Saved by the girl who appears under the moonlight, the boy grasps to the illusion of Dream, not wanting to face the city of Reality, where the rain is always pouring down, but the monster of Uncertainty suddenly appears again to burn down the city of dream and happiness.

“Uncertainty hit the boy with its huge claws, and the boy was helplessly pushed back unable to get up again waiting for the girl to come and rescue him again.

In this mixture of post-hardcore and dreamy elements, SamSeb took influence from bands like My Chemical Romance, My Bloody Valentine, and David Bowie for their dark and quirky aspects. Writing stories specifically for his upcoming EP, this single shows but a glimpse of what the artist has in store.

The song tells you allegorically the imagery of people in exodus of colourless reality whilst being in pursuit of happiness and dreams, but they are still haunted by uncertainty which is the manifestation of their unconscious realization that they need to face reality.

I believe in reality we are always in constant pursuit of dreams and happiness, whilst being chased by the monster named Uncertainty. Uncertainty is haunting you because you get sceptical about whether something we want to do is the right thing to do.” – SamSeb

Despite its depressing overtones, SamSeb wants his listeners to know that we can overcome the obstacles of life, getting stronger every step of the way to fight against them. Stay tuned to discover the next chapters!

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