Speak Easy Circus – “Sewn Up”

This is a song about a pair of pants… But not just any pants, and not just any song. To the contrary of what one might think, this single is everything but trivial. Speak Easy Circus have brought us a fancy funky track with a heavy dose of horns that you don’t wanna miss.

Sewn Up” presents a super groovy indie-funk vibe that stands out with its charisma and tongue-in-cheek attitude. A song dedicated to a special pair of pants that tragically met their end after being ripped off, and leaving their user sad and heartbroken.

After seeing his favorite pair of pans damaged, Jack Avison from Speak Easy Circus decided to turn things around, and after watching a Youtube video about how to sew, Jack started to self-repair every damaged piece of clothing he had instead of throwing them away.

It made me think of all the previous clothes I had thrown out. Why didn’t we fix more things? Why weren’t we taught to sew at school? Why was sewing seen as feminine? It seemed to me there were no downsides.” – Jack

Written in honor of Jack’s pants, “Sewn Up” delivers a magnifical and outstandingly well produced track with funky guitars, swinging drums, smooth bass and a plethora of wailing horns. Soft and wavy, the song takes you on a super sonic drive of silk linings, making you want to take more care of your wardrobe.

“When I was writing the lyrics I really wanted to take something that seemed rather inconsequential – learning to sew together some jeans – and try to understand it in a larger context. I wanted to question why ‘fixing clothes’ was no longer seen as an important life skill to have, something that we would be taught in schools. I wanted to question why sewing was seen as a feminine activity, something that men often pull back from out of a fear of appearing less masculine. I wanted to question the environmental impact of constantly throwing away clothes and buying new ones rather than fixing them. The more I thought about it the more it seemed like a no-brainer – learning basic sewing to fix things like jeans seemed cheaper, better for the environment and you didn’t have to throw out your favourite jeans! So I wrote a song about it, all framed as a love letter to my favourite jeans.” – SEC

The band describes their music as “eclectic”, intentionally releasing singles that completely divert from each other. It has also been described as ‘too horny’, ‘too heavy’, ‘too jazz’, ‘too funky’… We’ll let you decide!

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