Annabel Grace “Leave Early”

Released on the twenty-sixth of November, Annabel Grace‘s fresh single  ‘Leave Early’ is that listeners will want to dance and feel to. 

Lancashire-born and self-confessed Stevie Nicks wannabe Annabel Grace is a young artist who despite beginning her music career at the start of her university years, has always shown an interest in creative writing. Taking her previous experience into songwriting and continuously learning more about composition and production, the present Annabel Grace is one who currently makes music professionally, scoring for film and theatre, as well as writing and recording her own pop songs.

Her musical inspirations include Maggie Rogers, David Bowie, Harry Styles, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Prince, and her current sound is a fascinating blend between alternative pop and EDM, infused with 70’s rock influences, danceability and a piece of Grace herself. 

After the release of her second album, Do You Know The Sea? at the beginning of the year, Annabel Grace is back with a highly appealing electro-pop tune that playfully borders into house with its inherent danceability and strong beats.

Setting the perfect mood for an unforgettable party, Leave Early is a seductive track that keeps you on the edge of your toes. With the ability to immerse you deep into the narrative being told by the beats, this energetic and colorful experience is not lacking in life in any way. Contrary to its name, the song makes you want to stay — to keep dancing, being led by the rhythm until the sun is up again. 

Like the lyrics “I came here for the music, but you keep me in this place”, there is a constant push and pull within the track. A magnet for those who like to let go and live in the moment, the force of attraction of Leave Early will keep you listening for days on end; you might have come here just to check it out, but the mesmerizing composition and production found in Annabel Grace’s discography are bound to charm you, making you unable to leave when the party’s just getting started.

Before anything else, Grace considers herself a listener, with her identity being shaped by those she has listened to and looked up to for a long time. In that same manner, as she keeps developing as an artist, her music might become a future influence for someone else in the near future. 

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